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KATATONIA share new single 'Behind the Blood'

Ahead of the unit's forthcoming opus.

Photograph by Ester Segarra

As KATATONIA near the three decade mark of their career, they continue to inject new life into a genre that has undergone quite the experimentation in years past. It's a testament to the passion that Jonas Renkse and Anders Nyström have towards their craft, despite the many criticisms they've braved through for their stylistic changes. To offer audiences a taste of what's to come with the forthcoming City Burials (out April 24th via Peaceville Records), the band have shared the electric new single Behind the Blood. With shining guitar work by way of Roger Öjersson, soaring Renkse vocals, and a truly crisp production, Behind the Blood stands as a track that will garner attention from fans across the heavy spectrum. Frontman Jonas Renkse on the new single:

“’Behind the Blood’ is a celebration of the heavy metal music that we all grew up with, modified to fit the Katatonia universe. Whilst lyrically it is telling the tale of dark revelry, to awaken the blood with the sound and taste of thunder.”

Stream Behind The Blood below and pre-order your copy of this gem HERE.

Cover art by Lasse Hoile


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