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6,500 Deep — Knocked Loose take over The Shrine

The band's largest headlining show to date was a sight to behold.

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Photograph by Joshua Alvarez

Text by Luis (@HeaviestOfArt), Photos by Joshua Alvarez (@joshua.jam3s) at

The Shrine Expo Hall & Auditorium in Los Angeles on May 11, 2024:

Believe the hype — You Won't Go Before You're Supposed To (available now via Pure Noise Records) is a superb and downright compromising listen in ways that Knocked Loose have intentionally composed to be introspective and uncomfortably rewarding. It's a culminating effort for a band with an admirable grit that has taken them to stages both big and small across the world. On the night of May 11th, the Shrine Expo Hall & Auditorium in Los Angeles was host to their largest headlining show to date — the fruits of their incredible work-ethic. With a supporting cast including hardcore standouts SPEED, Loathe, and Show Me The Body, it's no question that the room would be sprawling with enthusiasts from barricade to back.

It's rare to ever see a packed room for the first band of a four band touring bill, even in Los Angeles where concertgoers are fervent in their appreciation. When SPEED happens to the be ones kicking off the night, the city stops to watch and The Shrine was fully present for a hardcore showcase that invigorated from beginning to end. They're as explosive as many outlets, including ourselves, have described to be and are capitalizing on the big stage they're being provided. Community, love, and strength was ever so felt throughout this powerful performance that gives one the immediate itch to spinkick and stage dive, though the latter wasn't possible (unfortunately). The Australians are the next wave and in few years time, they'll be back to headline a showing of their own for the grit that they resemble is admirable and required for the brand of hardcore that they play.

Speed Photo Gallery

From here came Loathe, who delivered our #2 album of 2020, I Let It In And It Took Everything. Spearheaded by Kadeem France, Loathe excel at swooning listeners with an eclectic sound that transitions from ethereal melodies and vulnerable passages to crushing aggression, all while carrying Deftones-esque soul. Post-metal is a loose yet apt description for their shoegazey, metallic sound, which never ceases to settle or conform throughout its runtime. The tantalizing Gored opened them off with rumbling bass lines and piercing growls that moved bodies throughout the venue. Is It Really You?, a fan favorite number, was met by a sea of phone lights and sing alongs, speaking highly of the band's relatable power. Loathe were all over the place on the emotional spectrum, much like what is portrayed in their discography, making for one refreshing performance we recommend seeing time and time again.

Loathe Photo Gallery

Continuing on the eclectic front, Show Me The Body came forth amidst the burning coffins of their Trouble The Water (2022) album cover, bringing insanity to the forefront with an intense rendition of an already uncomfortably rewarding song selection. Food From Plate, Body War, and more made a welcome appearance, detailing the breadth that exists within their hardcore punk / experimental songcraft. The trio's facial expressions, musicianship, and delivery was exquisite and made for the ideal primer from one of the most unique bands on the planet.

Show Me The Body Photo Gallery

Knocked Loose Photo Gallery

As the crowd gathered again following Show Me The Body, the tension began to build for Louisville's own. The changeover was underway and a large white drape covered the stage, soon illuminated by a central and symbolic cross that loomed over us all. Lights dimmed and Blinding Faith escalated into an eruption, commencing a Knocked Loose performance to remember.

Commanding as ever, Bryan Garris made use of every inch of the Shrine stage belting out scream after scream as Isaac Hale and Nicko Calderon delivered big with a towering guitars to strive for. The entirety of the hall was electric and a wall of sound washed over the thousands in attendance — a feat well deserved for a band who tours endlessly with eyes set at the top.

Knocked Loose Photo Gallery

Beyond it being a celebration of You Won’t Go Before You’re Supposed To, the band spanned all ends of their celebrated trajectory, breathing new life to acclaimed selections and newfound staples in a flooded hardcore arena. Belleville, Deadringer, Deep In The Willow, and more soared high across the flickering strobes and active moshing underway. Fan favorite Counting Worms and Mistakes Like Fractures among others drew an enthusiastic response, but it wasn't limited to only those with years of existence. The band's latest, including Don't Reach For Me and Suffocate for which Poppy made a special appearance, went over exceptionally well and was representative of the band's contemporary strengths. Everything is Quiet Now ended it all with a wall of death that is currently making the rounds on socials — a momentous reaction to a grand spectacle.

Having documented Knocked Loose on 200 and 500 cap venues in Los Angeles, as well as in arenas for opening slots on bigger tours, seeing the astronomical growth that they've underwent to headline and sell out a much larger Shrine Expo Hall is a reflection of a band committed to their craft, a craft that never compromises in hopes of expanding upon creative ambitions. You Won't Go Before You're Supposed To is deserving of its accolades, and its live rendition, which comes accompanied by selections that paved its path, is worth its weight in gold. This a big tour with big sound and an even bigger heart that could be felt in the camaraderie and communal strength amongst the thousands in attendance, night after night. May 11th at The Shrine was a pivotal moment for a Knocked Loose at the height of musical endeavors.

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May 25: Cleveland, OH - Agora Theater

May 28: Pittsburgh, PA - Stage AE

May 29: Silver Spring, MD - The FIllmore

May 30: Brooklyn, NY - Brooklyn Steel

May 31: New York, NY - Terminal 5

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Jun 03: Philadelphia, PA - Franklin Music Hall

Jun 04: Montreal, QC - Olympia

Jun 05: Toronto, ON - History

Jun 07: Raleigh, NC - The Ritz

Jun 08: Atlanta, GA - The Eastern

Jun 09: St. Petersburg, FL - Jannus Live


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