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KRAUSE announce new album 'The Art of Fatigue' + share lead single

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

The noise rock outfit embark on an electrifying journey drawn by Never Brush My Teeth.

On May 20th, Venerate Industries will give way to The Art of Fatigue, the latest effort by way of Greece's Krause. This third full-length finds the band at a thrilling stage well illustrated by cartoonist, toymaker, and all-around badass Never Brush My Teeth, who so perfectly captures the joyous energy of the band's songcraft. The album's upbeat instrumentation is carried by The Stuff Of Tired Eyes, the first track pulled from the album's release cycle.

The band comment:

"The tracks are essentially about urban decay and our disgust with politics, society and human life amidst the pandemic and the ongoing crisis. We are all rather misanthropic and pessimistic as people, so our lyrics tend to either be stories of urban isolation or reflect our disappointment with our own selves and humanity under capitalism. Our opinions were confirmed by the financial crisis and the resultant global situation, so I don’t see our themes changing any time soon.

"When we started Krause, all we wanted was to create an atmosphere and tone more than follow a style or genre. In our case, this harks back to the Amphetamine Reptile or Touch and Go bands which were characterised more by an attitude than a cohesive style or sound. As a result, the reference points that we do share (Unsane, Cherubs, Breach, Entombed, Cursed, Hammerhead, Killdozer, Helmet, Shellac, Today is the Day, Melvins, Whores, Gnod, Part Chimp etc) have more to do with a certain attitude and approach to music rather than the act of songwriting itself."

Stream The Stuff Of Tired Eyes below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.

Never Brush My Teeth, krause
Cover Artwork by Never Brush My Teeth


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