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KRYPTS journey into hellish caverns on "Sinking Transient Waters"

Another beast from the Dark Descent dungeon.

To deal the final blow after the damage that The Reek of Transient Loss left, Finnish death doom unit KRYPTS have made available the opener Sinking Transient Waters from their forthcoming album Cadaver Circulation, out May 31 via Dark Descent Records.

Sinking Transient Waters wastes no time and explodes at instant, delivering a barrage soon followed by a tortured scream from hell. This putrid and abysmal offering is for those who like their death slow, while also remaining atmospheric in nature. Stay tuned to why Cadaver Circulation is a masterclass of death doom and witness why Sinking Transient Waters is testament to that.

Drown your pain with Sinking Transient Waters and pickup your copy HERE.

Cover art by Timo Ketola


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