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Leiþa announces new album 'Sisyphus' + shares title track

Sporting a James Chutton cover that harnesses from a Venetian great.

Cover art by James Chutton

With piercing riffs to indulge in, Leiþa comes forth as black metal entity to pay close attention to. Leiþa stems from the mind of Noise, who earlier this year delivered the exquisite Menschenmühle by way of Kanonenfieber. As a newly unveiled project, the Noise-led Leiþa prepares to release Sisyphus on June 25th via Noisebringer Records. There's no comprehensive release cycle or months of promo for this one, just quality song structures that comprise a release you won't want to miss. To pave the path towards the record's arrival, Leiþa shares the title track as the melodic lead single.

Stream Sisyphus below and check out the original Sisyphus (1548-1549) painting by Tiziano Vecellis (1488-1576) that inspired it.

'Sisyphus' (1548-1549) by Tiziano Vecellis (1488-1576)


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