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LEVIATHAN's "Verräter" set to arrive on vinyl for the first time

A black metal gem for your sadistic collections.

Cover art by Abomination Hammer

Vinyl has taken the music industry by storm, racking up millions of dollars in sales as of late and a building rabid fanbase itching to net the most limited pressings. With physical packages made up of illustrious art, pristine sound quality, cool variants, and neat details that dive deeper into your favorite records, it's clear that this medium was made for music lovers. When compilations as special as LEVIATHAN's Verräter get pressed on vinyl for the first time, it becomes an event, even more so to fans of the most sadistic metal subgenre.

Set to arrive this November, this brand new vinyl package comes complete with the above artwork by Abomination Hammer, 4xLP re-master by Dan Lowndes, 8-panel fold out vinyl jacket with a slipcase, and liner notes by Neill Jameson. The re-master comes from the CD-R mixes of the tracks that were first included in the double CD release by Tumult in 2002.

Verräter tracklist:

1. Courtship Of The Discarded 2. Suckling At The Teat Of Revenge 3. In This Slaveship 4. The Whole Of Deceit 5. Shed This Skin 6. King Of Province Glacial 7. Through The Womb Of The Moon 8. Sklaverei 9. Cruelty Juggernaut 10. Of Hive And The Haunted Sea 11. White Devil Black Metal 12. Black Fire Serenity 13. Lights Last Cry – Time End 14. …Are Lunartic 15. Carrion 16. Opaque 17. The Sinking 18. Force The Hand Of Evilution 19. Return To Evernight 20. It Comes In Whispers 21. Of Wolves Lineage, We Are Bond 22. Blood Red And True

Listen to the album in your streaming platform of choice while you wait for pre-orders to launch sometime in late-October.


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