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Looking ahead: 20 Buck Spin

What to expect from the label in 2019

It goes without saying that David Adelson of 20 Buck Spin has had a tremendous year, having released fan favorite records from TOMB MOLD, ULTHAR, DEADBIRD, SCORCHED, EXTREMITY, KHEMMIS, TORTURE RACK, GHASTLY, and MOURNFUL CONGREGATION. However, the Pittsburgh-based record label isn't complacent with such a feat.

Adelson has taken to social media in the past couple months to share what great things the label has coming next year. With 10 releases confirmed so far, he's given fans a hell of a lot to be excited for.

Here's what you can expect from 20 Buck Spin in 2019:


TOMB MOLD released their list-topping sophomore LP Manor of Infinite Forms and Cerulean Salvation EP this year, making for a successful 2018. 20 Buck have announced that the Canadians are back for more in 2019 and if the follow up is anything like the death metal gem that is Manor of Infinite Forms, then we're in for something special. Stream Cerulean Salvation and pickup a copy of Manor of Infinite Forms over at 20 Buck.

It's been two years since SPIRIT ADRIFT dropped their doom masterpiece Curse of Conception, but their follow up Divided by Darkness will be coming sometime in Summer 2019. We had the opportunity of talking to vocalist/guitarist Nate Garrett about what to expect from the new record and believe me, you'll want to tune in here for the interview.

Seattle's filthy death metal four-piece CEREBRAL ROT joined 20 Buck Spin and are planning to release their debut LP next year. While you wait, stream their putrid Cessation Of Life demo released earlier this year on Youtube.

New Mexico's death metallers SUPERSTITION unleashed the Surging Throng Of Evil's Might demo earlier this year and will release their debut full length LP in 2019. Stream the demo on Bandcamp.

Following their demo Calcified Trophies of Violence and a devastating SPLIT release with DRAGHKAR earlier this year, Oregon death/doom metallers OSSUARIUM are now set to release death upon the world with their debut album Living Tomb. The effort will be released on February 1, 2019 via 20 Buck Spin and the band have released the lead single Blaze Of Bodies, which you can stream here. Keep your eyes peeled for physical copy pre-orders in January.

Finland's doom lords SOLOTHUS released the earth shaking No King Reigns Eternal in 2016 and have now joined the 20 Buck Spin roster to follow up with a behemoth in 2019. Stream the crushing No King Reigns Eternal in preparation.

Minnesota's medieval black metallers OBSEQUIAE will release their long awaited third full length after their chilling sophomore release Aria of Vernal Tombs (2015). Stream Aria of Vernal Tombs on Bandcamp and keep your eyes peeled for more information.

Chicago's blackened death metal quartet IMMORTAL BIRD recently joined 20 Buck Spin and are now in the recording process to release the follow up to their debut record Empress/Abscess (2015) in 2019. Check out their debut and their Live at Migration Fest release from earlier this year on Bandcamp.

After two successful record releases, the heavy hitting MAGIC CIRCLE is back to unleash their third LP on 20 Buck Spin in 2019. Stream their thunderous sophomore record Journey Blind (2015) on Bandcamp.

NOISEM are set to release the follow up to the blistering Blossoming Decay (2015) next year on 20 Buck. You can stream their sophomore LP Blossoming Decay on Bandcamp and their single Sin Rash, which was released as part of the Adult Swim Singles series.


As you can see, there's no slowing this label down. Keep in mind that these are only the albums confirmed so far and there's no telling what 20 Buck have up their sleeve. One thing's for sure, there's no better time to be a fan of heavy music.

While we wait for the above records (and more), check out 20 Buck Spin for what you missed from the label this year and get yourself a little something with that Christmas money you were given. Be sure to stay tuned to Heaviest of Art for news, interviews, reviews, and more from their electrifying lineup.


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