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LUCIFUGE share new single 'Leviathan Arise'

Inching closer to the arrival of their hellish fourth record with blackened speed.


Let it be known that if you see a Paolo Girardi illustration on the cover, the chances of a record being brutal are quite high. Whether it be Profanatica, Power Trip, Black Fucking Cancer, or Artificial Brain among many others, Girardi's work pairs well with the intensity the bands push forth. LUCIFUGE's forthcoming album, Infernal Power, is no exception.

Arriving on April 30th via Dying Victim Productions, Infernal Power sports a depiction of a relentless knight locking eyes with the viewer after laying waste to countless bodies, giving this German speed metal outing the look of conviction. This new record follows the Equinox-led LUCIFUGE on a yearly release cycle since 2018's Ride The Beast, speaking volumes of a work ethic that doesn't just keep the music flowing, but growing in structure as well with each record upping the ante on songcraft. Today's arrival of Leviathan Arise sets the stage for the riff fest that is Infernal Power.

Stream Leviathan Arise below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.

Cover art by Paolo Girardi


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