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Lumbar (YOB, TAD) to re-release 'The First and Last Days of Unwelcome' on Argonauta Records

Argonauta Records open pre-orders for a limited vinyl version of Lumbar's first and only release.

Lumbar - The First & Last Days of Unwelcome | Argonauta Records

Italian record label Argonauta Records has opened pre-orders for a beautiful limited oxblood vinyl edition of Lumbar's first and only record The First & Last Days of Unwelcome. The record is hand-numbered to 300 copies with renewed artwork. The record will also be released on hand-numbered cassettes via Anima Recordings.

Doom metal trio Lumbar, consisting of Aaron D.C. Edge (Bible Black Tyrant), Mike Scheidt (YOB) and Tad Doyle (TAD), first released the harrowing The First and Last Days of Unwelcome on Southern Lord Records in 2013, a year after guitarist Edge was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. The record was composed on Edge's laptop and Scheidt and Doyle were recruited to complete it vocally. The Obelisk interviewed the band regarding the recording process, which you can learn about here.

Edge and Greg Anderson of Southern Lord Recordings had a 5-year agreement and music license, which ended in September, releasing control of the recording back to Edge. Edge comments the following regarding the difference between the initial release and the 2019 re-release:

"There is a difference in the first release, back in 2013, and the re-release for January 2019; there was first an urgency and now there is a reminder.
The urgency tore me and my marriage apart, it changed my life forever, the MS diagnosis was (at the time) a bleak future. And, to be honest, I’m not optimistic about how my life with the disease will change and morph as I grow older. But, I’m still here. I made it this far. The urgency of the first release of these seven tracks is now a reminder of change… it is inevitable and uncontrollable. Nature does what nature does, she can not be restrained."

The record is scheduled to release on January 11, 2019, but it might be best to get your pre-order in before the vinyl version run out. Order your copy here via Argonauta Records and check out the opening track Day One below:


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