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LUNDØN share vibrant new single 'Don't Turn This Car Around'

Featuring prominent vocalist Loveless for an electrifyingly rhythmic collaboration.

Photograph by Jeff Smith

Indie-rock and future bass have coalesced as one for the arrival of LUNDØN's first original single of the year, that being today's arrival of Don't Turn This Car Around. The electronic duo, who stem from punk rock roots, have crafted an infectious pulse, a pulse that pairs seamlessly with the soaring vocals from LA-based LOVELESS for a joyous summer tune.

LUNDØN comment on featuring LOVELESS:

“Loveless approached us with the song in 2018, but I felt like it needed something more, so it sat on the back burner, until now, and we produced it into what it is today. The song is about metaphorically not turning the car around. In life, we face obstacles, and despite those obstacles, we need to always be traveling forward no matter how hard it gets. We chose Loveless to sing on the song because we worked with him on our previous track, ‘You & Me,’ and decided to try something different."

Stream Don't Turn This Car Around below and lose yourself to the melody.



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