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MALOKARPATAN prepare vinyl release for 'Cesta podzemnými sálami Kovovlada' EP

For the wax lovers.

As a big proponent of physical media, I feel obliged to share news of an extraordinary release being available on vinyl for the first time. Today, Sun & Moon Records have announced that MALOKARPATAN's Cesta podzemnými sálami Kovovlada EP will be released on 7" vinyl on April 8th, 2019.

For those unaware, MALOKARPATAN is a Slovakian black metal force that incorporates folk and pagan influences, delivering an adventurous listening experiences unlike no other. This two-song EP focuses on the mythology of Kovovlad, the master of the underworld who abducts a maiden from the world above to become his bride. Take these lyrical themes and merge them with a psychedelic sonic delivery that MALOKARPATAN provide and you have a thriller.

Tracklisting for Cesta podzemnými sálami Kovovlada: 1. Cesta podzemnými sálami Kovovlada I 2. Cesta podzemnými sálami Kovovlada II

Stream the digital release at Malokarpatan's Bandcamp and preorder your copy via the Sun & Moon webstore here.


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