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MALUM to release "Legion" on PURITY THROUGH FIRE

A manifestation of darkness.

Underground black metal purveyors Purity Through Fire are paving the way for darkness with the release of MALUM's Legion on May 31st, 2019. Following their two previous satanic undertakings, Crowned with the Serpent Sun (2015) and Night of the Luciferian Light (2017), the Finnish ensemble have set out to up the ante on true blasphemy with this third release.

Legion is Finnish black metal defined. Cold, frigid, and downright deadly. Atmospheres created through tortured screams on tracks like Luciferian Sky are a testament to the power MALUM are capable of setting forth. The album's ominous and destructive themes are brought to life by Roni Ärling, who's vivid painting illustrates a not so pleasant picture.

Dive into the abyss with the new track Manifest Malum below.

Cover art by Roni Ärling


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