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MAYHEM share Costin Chioreanu-directed video for 'Voces Ab Alta'

The previously unreleased track receives the ideal visual treatment.

Photograph by Ester Segarra

Following on the success of 2019's Daemon, the legendary MAYHEM are set to release their Atavistic Black Disorder / Kommando EP on July 9th via Century Media Records, the likes of which includes a previously unreleased track, bonus tracks from the Daemon sessions, and covers of classic punk tracks from Discharge (In Defense Of Our Future), Dead Kennedys (Hellnation), Rudimentary Peni (Only Death), and the Ramones (Commando). The previously unreleased track, Voces Ab Alta, arrived today alongside an entrancing Costin Chioreanu video, adding to an already stunning visual package with art by Daniele Valeriani.

Stream Voces Ab Alta below and pre-order your copy of the EP HERE.

mayhem Daniele Valeriani
Cover art by Daniele Valeriani


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