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MEATWOUND up the intensity on "Fist of God"

Vince Locke like you haven't seen him before.

Photograph by Matt Valler

Florida's consistency in delivering weird crime scenes is astounding, however, the sunshine state makes up for it by introducing menacing bands to the world of metal, one being grime-filled hardcore unit MEATWOUND. The group will be releasing Culero this Friday, August 2nd via Dark Operative digital imprint Pax Aeternum. The ten-track madness is accompanied by the art of none other than Vince Locke, known for his work with CANNIBAL CORPSE. While MEATWOUND may not be as grotesque as their Floridian counterparts, they succeed in bringing forth a message in an explosive manner.

Frontman Daniel Wallace comments of the track Fist of God:

"'Fist Of God' is another in the endless stream of anti-religion tirades that I go on and also a sort of sequel to 'Hand Of God' from the first record. It's about evangelicals using the idea of an angry god as some kind of weapon to control people and put fear in them. I guess all this religious shit started with a natural curiosity about the world around us but quickly soured when that was outweighed by the fear of death and what happens after. People started making up stories so they could feel better about dying and some clever leaders saw a powerful means of dividing and controlling populations. The Catholic Church is wealthy beyond belief because of this. Honestly though, I can't take any religions seriously; it's not much different than if I was to base a belief system around the movie Poltergeist."

Stream Fist of God below and pre-order your sweet limited color vinyl copy HERE.

Cover art by Vince Locke


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