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MEECHY DARKO (Flatbush Zombies) shares Grand Theft Audio-inspired video for 'PRADA U'

The revered video game franchise becomes one with a gem from the rapper's solo debut.

Still from 'PRADA U'

Some will argue that the art of the music video has lost its charm and they wouldn't be wrong with the McDonaldization of the music industry. However, there's a selection of artists still intentional about their music's visual side, including Meechy Darko, who earlier this year released Gothic Luxury via Loma Vista Recordings — an eclectic composition that is at times visceral and times vulnerable, pleasing creative ambitions while serving as a healing mechanism. Today's video release of PRADA U speaks to that intentionality as the rapper creates his own Grand Theft Auto experience, one that even finds himself proceeding through town in the same rigid structure of the video game character mechanics. It's a playful view of an otherwise cathartic record many will find comfort in basking in.

Check out the PRADA U video below and stream/purchase Gothic Luxury.

'Gothic Luxury' (2022), Graphic Design by Christopher Leckie


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