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Melodic death metallers HEIDRA release 'The Blackening Tide'

A melodic journey unfolds.

Danish melodic death warriors HEIDRA have followed up on their debut full length Awaiting Dawn with a juggernaut. Four years in the making, HEIDRA delivers soaring guitar harmonies, blissful orchestral passages, growled vocals mixed with powerful clean singing and a relentless barrage of crushing metal riffs on their sophomore record The Blackening Tide.

Underneath the heaviness lies a narrative, one that tells the story of a king deposed and his attempts to reclaim his throne. From start to finish, The Blackening Tide guides you through the dawn of the day of reckoning where armies clash in a murderous fury, hoping to emerge victorious. However, events suddenly take a turn for the worse and the protagonist is cast into a hellish realm alongside his army.

The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Marco Mastrobuono (HOUR OF PENANCE, FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE) at Kick Recording Studio in Rome. HEIDRA consists of vocalist/guitarist Morten Bryld, guitarists Martin W. Jensen and Carlos G.R., drummer Dennis Stockmarr, and bassist James H. Atkin.


1. Dawn 2. The Price in Blood 3. Rain of Embers 4. Lady of the Shade 5. A Crown of Five Fingers 6. The Blackening Tide 7. Corrupted Shores 8. Hell's Depths

Stream the single Lady of the Shade below and pick up your copy of The Blackening Tide over at Time To Kill Records with a full album stream available at Bandcamp.


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