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MEN SENI SUYEMIN announces debut EP 'Hope' + shares vibrant lead single

The solo electronic project of Minona Volandova comes forth as a gripping affair.

'Hope' (2022) EP Cover Artwork

St. Petersburg-based musician & producer, Minona Volandova, has channeled an expansive sonic palette for the development of today's newly announced EP, HOPE, which highlights the breadth of the musician's Men Seni Suyemin moniker. Lead single NOZH is apt as a preface to the immersion generated by the intentionality of Volandova's arrangements. It's an intrinsic experience and art form that comes hauntingly directed by Sergei Khvostovtsev for a wondrous audiovisual. Let NOZH serve as the ideal entry to this tantalizing feat. HOPE arrives on June 24th via 2MR.

Experience NOZH below and pre-order your copy of the EP HERE.

men seni suyemin
Photograph by Elizaveta Bulaeva


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