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Mexican grindcore unit UNIDAD TRAUMA resurrected after name change, stream new track

The band thank you all for the support.

The Mexican grindcore band previously known as THANATOLOGY has undergone a name change. The group, now known as UNIDAD TRAUMA (TRAUMA UNIT in English) has also premiered the new track El Crudo Acto del Teatro Mudo under their new name, which roughly translates to "The Crude Act of the Silent Theater."

The band issued an official statement:

"In less than five years, we were able to achieve many plans and goals, like releasing a new EP and making the Thanatology name known across some of the biggest cities and scenes of our home country México, performing in various cities across the US such as New York, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Chicago. We also turned one of our biggest dreams into a reality: being a part of Obscene Extreme in Trutnov, Czech Republic.

But, like everything, the life cycle of this band has come to an end… or has it?

The rest of the band, along with the team that works behind it are deeply concerned with this situation and the whole 'cycle' that closed so abruptly, without any sort of agreement to it. On the other hand, this is not surprising at all. The interests and plans of one single person are ending Thanatology, leaving behind the work, sweat, and blood of an entire team that was working to make this bigger and better. On top of that, the lack of credit where it is due is quite evident in his 'statement' published on the band's Facebook page.

We would like to inform everyone that the group that's behind Thanatology's musical output is now called UNIDAD TRAUMA (the name of the actual response team that made up the Thanatology band members) and will keep working in the same way that we have over the last five years. Additional news will be released soon. In the meantime, please enjoy our new song, 'El Crudo Acto Del Teatro Mudo' featuring our esteemed colleague Dr. Padilla filling in on lead vocals!

Last, but not least, we want to thank every single person who supported this project in one way or another because every live presentation, musical production, video, piece of merch, and logistical operation had an intellectual, artistic, and professionally dedicated group of people behind it, mainly consisting of local talent. Thanatology has moved from being a studio project to a full, legitimate band, in a short period of time. THANK YOU ALL! We wish you an excellent 2019. Thank you for staying up to date with us and for the incredible way you have supported US."

Stream the band's blistering debut demo track El Crudo Acto del Teatro Mudo below.


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