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Mind melting groove, Deathchant - Self Titled Review

LA's own DEATHCHANT deliver a nice psychedelic slab of rock n' roll on their self-titled debut record.

One week into the new year and we're being flooded with quality releases day after day. That's not a bad problem to have at all, is it? Of course not, but it does mean that we're making you responsible for the appreciation of the multitudes of bands and their records. Psychedelic rock n' rollers DEATHCHANT are set to release their self-titled debut on King Volume Records this week and we're damn sure you won't have any problem appreciating this one.

Upon taking this heavy outing for a spin, you're welcomed by the fuzz fest that is Pessimist. The doom aspects of the track are complemented by its overarching groove and impeccable drum and bass work, offering the perfect segue into the constantly unfolding and multilayered work that awaits you.

If there's any track that stands out among the rest, it's the immensely groovy Ritual. The reverb drenched vocals hide behind the eclectic fret work, which commands itself at the forefront of this six-minute joyride. You can't help but swing your head and soar with air guitar in hand, making this the highlight of the record. However, this high level energy is followed by the brooding atmosphere set forth by the following track Eulogy. Coming in at over 3 minutes, this melodic instrumental succeeds at bringing you down to darker light after raising you up with Ritual. Aptly titled, the track embodies the sentiment felt upon endearing a loss.

Once you've had time to grieve and appreciate, the record picks the energy right back up with the dynamic duo that is Breathe and Hex, the latter being a galloping riff display capable of making anyone headbang. Trigger brings this debut to a close with a minute of eerie sounds, fading away into the light.

While the submerged vocals allow the musical elements on each track to thrive, the music could benefit from added vocal presence. Each track delivers instrumental variety, but vocals seem a bit complacent. Consisting of six tracks and 29 minutes, this debut may also be a bit shorter of what you'd come to expect from an album. Nevertheless, the band manage to maintain excitement throughout, keeping you on your toes.

After secluding themselves in a Big Bear cabin for a couple days (with who knows how much beer), DEATHCHANT put together a mighty fine collection of tracks accessible to all who welcome a good time. This self-titled debut consists of various layers and elements that draw and flow seamlessly with one another, making for a kaleidoscopic rock n' roll experience.

Overall score: 8/10


Stream the record and pre-order your limited edition "Coke Smoke" colored vinyl over on DEATHCHANT's Bandcamp.


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