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MIZMOR to unleash "Cairn"

A profound record pair with one of this year's best album covers.

Photograph by Kento Woolery

Portland's one-man blackened doom unit MIZMOR has announced the latest opus Cairn, set to release on September 6th via Gilead Media. Three years from Yodh and MIZMOR mastermind A.L.N. finds himself at the helm of exploring personal suffering brought forth by the very nature of the human experience. The fusion of black metal, doom, and drone make for resounding listening that strikes while dreading the very meaning of life.

A.L.N. comments on the release:

"Mizmor albums don’t happen all that often. I don’t seek to write music. I wait until something bubbles up inside me, until it aches and I can’t hold it in any longer. This stirring began to take me about a year ago, but articulating my thoughts and feelings was difficult at first. Finally “Cairn” came out."

Before diving into the thesis of emotions that is Cairn, one is greeted by the breathtaking work of Mariusz Lewandowski, known among the metal world for his work on Mirror Reaper (2017). Lewandwoski's talents front the record in a profound manner that only the Polish artist himself can achieve, serving as a proper follow up to the art of Zdzisław Beksiński on Yodh (2016).

A.L.N. on the artwork:

"I am floored by the final product of the extremely personal commissioned painting by Mariusz Lewandowski. Continuing in the vein of the polish surrealist master, Beksinski (who's work was used for "Yodh"), Lewandowski has beautifully interpreted the theme's of "Cairn" into his painting "Time Immemorial," which sprawls to grace both covers of the album."

Dive into an album trailer for Cairn below and pre-order your copy HERE.

Cover art by Mariusz Lewandowski


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