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MORAL COLLAPSE share new single 'Denier Of Light'

Showcasing the prowess within the band's ranks ahead of their full-length debut.

Photograph by Arun Natarajan

How much death metal is ever enough? With the genre's prominence in recent years, that answer is clear: there's never enough, even decades from the glory days. Among those bands who exemplify death metal's best traits by carrying the torch forward is India's MORAL COLLAPSE, who today share their exquisite new single, Denier Of Light. Hailing from their forthcoming self-titled debut, which arrives on April 2nd via Subcontinental Records, Denier Of Light checks all the boxes for what makes an excellent release. Intensity, variety, technicality: MORAL COLLAPSE have it all. Come April 2nd, the world will know it too.

Stream Denier Of Light below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.

Cover art by Manisha Mohnan


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