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MURG announce new album 'Strävan,' reveal first track

The third LP from the anonymous black metal duo.

Photograph by Finn Hallgren

Sweden's MURG have announced April 26th, 2019 as the day that is set to welcome their forthcoming third LP Strävan via Nordvis Produktion. The album Strävan, meaning "striving" or "endeavor," finds the duo diving deeper into their foundation of misanthropic and deeply ecological ideology. It finalizes the trilogy first started in 2015 with the debut album Varg och Björn ("Wolf and bear") and followed by Gudatall ("Godpine"). Strävan symbolizes the end of mankind and the creation of a new form capable of ending the universe.

As mythical and catastrophic as it sounds, the churning black metal delivery that accompany the themes are just as somber and meandering. The eight-track composition sticks to the formula and avoids using special effects, providing pure black metal enjoyment.

Tracklisting Strävan: 1. Ur Myren 2. Strävan 3. Berget 4. Renhet 5. Korpen 6. Tre Stenar 7. Altaret 8. Stjärnan

Stream the first single Renhet below and pre-order your copy of the record via Nordvis.


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