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Live Again: My Chemical Romance at the Oakland Arena

Gerard Way and co. capitalize on the moment and electrify the thousands in the Bay.

my chemical romance
Photograph by Vanessa Caron

Photographs by Vanessa Caron (@xvanx) at the Oakland Arena on October 5, 2022:

Upon breaking the news that My Chemical Romance would come together again to conquer stages across North America, the fandom went into a frenzy, and rightfully so after an acclaimed 2019 reunion show in Los Angeles. Though postponed due to the pandemic, nothing would stop the many clamoring for another My Chemical Romance live experience and last week's show at the Oakland Arena was testament to that.

The outfits, the atmosphere, the notable enthusiasm: everything signaled towards a great night of music at the arena and the band delivered tenfold. With new single The Foundations of the Decay kicking off the festivities, the crowd erupted and chanted along with a song already memorized and ingrained in the fabric of the band's discography.

Photograph by Vanessa Caron

Gerard Way remains as commanding a frontman as ever with every line and soaring chorus radiating from the stage with grandeur as Frank Iero holds his own on the guitar alongside a joyous performance by Ray Toro and Mikey Way. Nostalgia was in full effect with staples such as Na Na Na, Thank You For The Venom, Teenagers, Mama, and more rocking the Oakland Arena left and right.

The chemistry between the group was strong, each member feeding off one another's energy. There was no shortage of tears and endless cheer among those basking in the band's celebrated discography at the Oakland Arena, and it all crescendoed once Welcome To The Black Parade made an appearance. It's here that you witness the hold that this band has on a generation.

Photograph by Vanessa Caron

The remaining shows at the Kia Forum in Inglewood may be sold out, as well as the band's headlining appearance at the inaugural When We Were Young Festival, but we'd be remiss not to recommend attending a showcase from this generational act. My Chemical Romance helped an era cope in their own unique ways through hymns that resonate to this day.

Enjoy a photo gallery of the performance below.


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