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Myrkur shares new black metal hymn 'Valkyriernes Sang'

A standout number that treads both ends of extreme spectrum while returning to the multi-instrumentalist's connection with Scandinavian mythology.

myrkur, black metal, new myrkur album
Photograph By Gobinder Jhitta

On October 20th, Myrkur's latest invigorating effort, Spine, hits shelves via Relapse Records and the latest audio sample to stem from the full-length effort is the moving black metal epic, Valkyriernes Sang. Blast beats and tremolo picked riffs transition into a soulful vocal performance sung in mastermind Amalie Bruun’s native Danish, providing both a confrontation and a vulnerable moment of introspection in one shape-shifting endeavor.

Myrkur comments:

“I wrote this song after diving into different interpretations of the old Norse sagas again, particularly Njál's saga and the poems about the valkyrier - ‘Spydsangen’ (‘The Song of the Spear’). I have always been fascinated with the figures of Valkyrier in Norse mythology, their power, their role in the battles, in Valhalla and with Odin.”

Stream Valkyriernes Sang below and pre-order Spine via Relapse Records.

myrkur, folk, folk music, scandinavian music
"Spine" Cover Artwork


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