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NAILED TO OBSCURITY share hard-hitting new track 'Liquid Mourning'

The German unit offer a slow burning entry as we await the next chapter.

With Santiago Caruso's wondrous artistry at the helm, Nailed to Obscurity share their new track Liquid Morning as a conduit for sorrow. The standalone is every bit as crisp and heavy as you'd expect from the melodeath band, but carries an additional layer of melancholy driven by loss. We'll eventually see if this makes up a new album, but until then, we have a thunderous four minutes to keep us pleased.

Frontman Raimund Ennenga comments:

"The state of grief is often hard to leave behind, but a suffering soul is a fragile entity that needs to leave the lava of sorrow before it turns into obsidian. 'Liquid Mourning' is about a mind that is lost in the feeling of sorrow and finds itself more and more in a brittle tomb, as the mourning seemingly turns from liquid into solid…"

Guitarist Jan-Ole Lamberti adds:

“We wanted to try a different approach when we started writing new music shortly after the pandemic hit. The super low-tuned guitars, the string arrangement at the end and the production and sound itself are only a few examples that can be heard on ‘Liquid Mourning’ - probably the catchiest and maybe the most intense song we have released so far. Play it loud and enjoy!"

Stream Liquid Morning below or in your platform of choice HERE.

dark art santiago caruso
Cover Artwork by Santiago Caruso


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