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Yesteryear Reborn: Narrow Head sway the soul with 'Moments of Clarity'

The third album by Houston's own comes wrapped in a dreamlike sonic tapestry.

Photograph by Joshua Alvarez

Words by Luis (@heaviestofart), Photographs by Joshua Alvarez (@joshua.jam3s):

On February 10th, Narrow Head released Moments of Clarity — a slow-burning affair that signaled a step forward in a creative output already welcomed by many. Where the sound of 2020's 12th House Rock pulled on inner turmoil for a more gloomy, melancholic composition, Moments of Clarity is more overt in its expression, injecting a greater use of guitars in its grander scope. The renewed sense of energy was truly felt in the album's live playthrough, which we caught at The Fonda Theatre while the band supported White Reaper on tour across North America.

Frontman Jacob Duarte and co. kicked off the occasion with Caroline, moving gently amidst the somber low light of The Fonda stage. The album's warm sound reverberated well, met by locked eyes and nodding heads of approval as its shoegaze-laden structure sunk its teeth into the audience. The Real then came on to slow-burning effect, counteracted by the prominent Sunday, a personal favorite, which sports punchier rhythms and a brief yet soulful guitar solo.

Photograph by Joshua Alvarez

The musical persona of Moment of Clarity taps into nostalgia and harkens listeners back to familiar territory, albeit bridged together in unique fashion. With every subsequent listen, personal catharsis and traces of early Deftones and Siamese Dream-era Smashing Pumpkins, among another seminal records, shine through, speaking highly of its dynamism. Tracks that hammer home the band's abilities include fan favorite Gearhead, which showed its nu metal colors with razor sharp riffs that stirred a few bodies in the crowd.

To add fire to the flame, grunge, industrial, trip hop, and more collide to form a multi-faceted being that shapeshifts as well as it conveys emotion. Flesh & Solitude is definitive of that, bridging beauty with industrial drum patterns and exquisite outro.

Photograph by Joshua Alvarez

Rock is as abundant as it's ever been, but few among the new acts stand as tall as Narrow Head in their ability to deliver memorable efforts worth revisiting. Three albums in and the band have already established a solid foundation with much in the realm of compositional variation and profound lyricism. Moments of Clarity is a culminating mark in the young band's discography, one that soars high as a reflection of a band operating with free-flowing direction. Seeing them light up and ground The Fonda was a sure sign of Narrow Head's promise as a fruitful band from Texas.

Narrow Head Photo Gallery

Narrow Head excel in treading along the edges of rock's conventionalities for one richly melodic venture into the band's heart. Performance wise, the band remained composed and concentrated in their expression as they wear their heart on their sleeves, shining a new light on the wondrous Moments of Clarity. Their ongoing tour run with White Reaper is yet to conclude and we'd be remiss not to recommend basking in its lulling nature.

Moments of Clarity is available now via Run For Cover Records (Stream/Order).

Cover Artwork by Kora Puckett & Madison East


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