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NECROFIER announce debut album 'Prophecies of Eternal Darkness + share lead single

Texas strikes again with another ensemble to keep an eye on.

Photograph by Dwayne Cathey

Complete with a Baroque-esque cover by the graphite master Burley, Necrofier come forth and announce their first incarnation, Prophecies of Eternal Darkness, letting their black metal light the path towards a promising reign among the American underground. Arriving on October 22nd via Season of Mist Underground Activists, Prophecies commands with a high octane outing chock full of piercing tremolo-picked riffs and pummeling drum performances that shine with crisp production. 2018's Visions In Fire EP provided only a glimpse of the prowess lying within the Texan quartet while Prophecies ups the ante in full scale. Let lead single The Black Flame Burns serve as a testament to Necrofier's ascent with an ominous visual by Dwayne Cathey.

Stream The Black Flame Burns below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.

Cover art by Burney


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