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NECROT share cover art + new single 'Stench of Decay'

The Bay Area strikes again.

Photograph by Chris Johnston

From the moment NECROT stepped foot onto The Wiltern stage at the Decibel Metal & Beer Fest in Los Angeles, we were taken back by the trio's sheer explosiveness. Their debut full-length Blood Offerings (2017) made a splash on the flooded metal underground and earned the #29 spot on Billboard's Hard Rock Chart and #52 on Billboard's New Artist Chart upon its first week of release, speaking to the impact the unit have made on the genre. NECROT are set to keep the hype train rolling with their long-anticipated new record, Mortal, out via Tankcrimes on August 28th. The band have shared the crushing new single Stench of Decay alongside a wicked new album cover by Marald Van Haasteren for our putrid enjoyment.

Frontman Luca Indrio comments:

"When we first started, our goal was to play death metal and put out some tapes. We always wanted to write an album that twenty years from now would be remembered as a true classic of the genre. With Blood Offerings, we may have done that but with Mortal we have definitely done that. Time will prove us right."

Indrio adds:

"'Stench Of Decay' is the smell of our world falling under the greed and senseless pride of men. It is the stench you smell in the morning when you realize that outside your door is nothing but ugly humans ready to deceive, steal, or even kill for a little more power or money. 'Stench Of Decay' is what we have been breathing since day one and we will continue breathing it until everything and everyone we know and love inevitably disappears."

Stream Stench of Decay below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.

Cover art Marald Van Haasteren


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