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NOÊTA share new single 'Above and Below'

A dreamlike offering that sets the tone for the spiritual experience that is 'Helm'.

Photograph by William Faucher

With the captivating experience that is Helm fast approaching, NOÊTA share Above and Below as the second single to arrive from the Sylvia Plath-inspired effort. Arriving on April 23rd via the always eclectic Prophecy Productions, Helm finds the Norway-based duo of Êlea and Ândris channeling their inner struggles into one heart-wrenching work of melancholy. Above and Below is an apt sample of the emotion that flows through the record's sonics, the likes of which comes photographed by Aron Mattsson and designed by Irrwisch. With singles this grand, one can expect the full endeavor to reach towering heights.

NOÊTA frontwoman Êlea comments on Above and Below:

"I wrote 'Above and Below' about a strong desire to distance ourselves from society and mankind. This separation adds fuel to the flame and makes one want to retreat even further – to escape this world, to escape all that feels so alienating. It is a wish to become one with earth, to be free from humanity, and free from all the things that society and people construct for each other. This track is about the tempting desire to be nothing and no one – to be like a drop of rain falling into water, where it dissipates and forever disappears."

Stream the track below and pre-order your copy of Elm HERE.

Cover photograph by Aron Mattsson and design by Irrwisch


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