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NOCTAMBULIST stream new record 'Atmospheres of Desolation' in full

Via Decibel Magazine.

Denver has produced yet another heavy band that will soon be making waves in the undeground. Dissonant death metallers NOCTAMBULIST are set to release their devouring debut LP Atmospheres of Desolation on January 21st via Blood Harvest Records and Helter Skelter Productions. No need to wait an extra few days because the effort is now available to stream in full via Decibel Magazine.

The band's attention to atmospheric elements and eerie melodies adds depth to this blast beast assault. spread throughout this six track death fest. Fans of the complexity brought forth by BLOOD INCANTATION and SULPHUR AEON will enjoy the hell out of this one.

Tracklisting for Atmospheres of Desolation: 1. Dimming Lights Illuminate 2. Abnegation 3. Atmosphere of Desolation 4. Jubilant Cataclysm 5. Denial of Autonomy 6. Habitual Falsehood

Pre-order your physical copy via Blood Harvest Records and enjoy the record's somber cover art below.


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