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NOLTEM announce debut album 'Illusions In The Wake' + share lead singles

As wondrous as Anthony Hurd's cover illustration would entail.

Cover art by Anthony Hurd

Grandiose is an adjective reserved for only the records capable of towering over the listener, having them gaze in awe at the power transpiring from one passing minute to the next. They provoke emotion and encourage a full scope of attention, and rightfully so, given the heart invested within it. NOLTEM's newly announced debut, Illusions In The Wake, is exactly that. Grandiose in every sense of the word, Illusions In The Wake achieves the mission from the get go with a wondrous cover by Anthony Hurd, the likes of which serves as the ideal preface for the band's atmospheric passages. It arrives on October 5th via Transcending Obscurity Records and comes drenched in serene black metal aggression. For those approving of the beauty that Saor and Falls of Rauros place onto their piercing screams, this one's for you.

Stream the title track and Ruse below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.



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