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NOVARUPTA announce new album 'Disillusioned Fire,' stream new single

Consisting of current/past members of Dark Tranquillity, Entombed, & more.

Photography by Peo Bengtsson

NOVARUPTA is a special project that arose from the mind of Alex Stjernfeldt following a period of disillusionment and depression. Alex drew from these negative experiences and turned it into a musical collective between old and new friends. This collective is known as NOVARUPTA and they'll be releasing Disillusioned Fire on April 29th via Suicide Records.

Expect significant vocal features on Disillusioned Fire, including Mikael Stanne (Dark Tranquillity), Jörgen Sandström (Krux, ex-Entombed, ex-Grave.), Martin Wegeland (Domkraft), Tomas Liljedahl (ex-Breach, The Old Wind), Claudio Marino (Tid), Joel Segerstedt (The Open Up And Bleeds), Jonas A. Holmberg (This Gift Is A Curse), and Ossian Reynolds (Lola Zaza). The effort was mixed by Kristoffer Folin (Domkraft) and mastered by Karl Daniel Lidén (Terra Tenebrosa) with cover art by Amenra's Arjen Kunnen.

Frontman Stjernfeldt comments:

"To me, this album is the painful beauty that shines through the prisms of imperfections of mankind in a world on the verge of collapse, a journey into the dark parts of the soul and mind, but also a journey of survival, realizing that it is ok to feel this way, that you are stronger than you think. The music is drawn from these places where the esoteric oppression thrives on your psyche. The world took me for a freak, so I used that to create a frequency."

Disillusioned Fire Track Listing:

1. Stones (feat. Tomas Liljedahl) 

2. Pyroclastic Flows (feat. Jörgen Sandström)

3. Tumskruvar (feat. Claudio Marino, Joel Segerstedt, Ossian Reynolds)

4. Mare Tranquillitatis (feat. Mikael Stanne)

5. Only The Dirt Will Know Our Graves (feat. Jonas A. Holmberg)

6. Ourang Medan (feat. Martin Wegeland)

Enjoy the album's cover art below and stream Pyroclastic Flows featuring Jörgen Sandström via Earsplit.


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