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NOVELISTS prepare for the arrival of masterful progressiveness with 'C'est La Vie'

Two extremes become one for a sincere listen.


Whether it's the classic SEPULTURA, GOJIRA, or classic AT THE GATES, the resonating power of siblings within bands has proved to result in spectacular outings. French progressive unit NOVELISTS are to be added to that particular list for the brilliant musicianship that brothers Florestan (guitar) and Amael Durand (drums) set forth throughout their 7 year existence. Joining the brothers is ex-A Call To Sincerity members Mattéo Gelsomino (vocals) and Nicolas Delestrade (bass), completing one united and well-balanced force of wonder.

With their 3rd album C’est La Vie set to arrive this Friday, January 24th via SharpTone Records, the band looks to display their best with a vast musical palette at their disposal. Like PERIPHERY's latest Hail Stan, C’est La Vie is representative of the beauty present within progressive music while also incorporating some of the more aggressive aspects of the genre. The compositions formed as a result are not just diverse in structure, but dynamic as well. Melodic guitars and clean vocals meet pain ridden Gelsomino screams on tracks like Head Rush, displaying said musical balance at its full potential. Slightly slower in tempo is Somebody Else, which features beautiful guitar/drum cohesion by the Durand duo. Production work on the record is pristine, giving justice to Delestrade's rumbling bass lines. Alternating tempos, soaring guitar melodies, and well-defined sound fidelity are but a few of the many elements present here, making this record approachable to all.

Simply said, C'est La Vie cements NOVELISTS as a premiere progressive act to depend on for consistent quality.

Stream Somebody Else and Head Rush below and pre-order your copy HERE.



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