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Nuclear War Now Productions to release CÉNOTAPHE's 'Monte Verità' on vinyl

A modern black metal gem available on wax for the first time.


For those with their ears onto the underground in years past, this article is probably not the first time you've across the CÉNOTAPHE name. With one demo (La larve exulte, 2016), one MLP (Empyrée, 2019), and the recently released full-length Monte Verità, the French duo have propelled themselves onto the top of the stacked black metal listening list for their ability to entangle transcendental sonics with intellectual lyricism. To increase the band's reach, Nuclear War Now! Productions have set March 10th as the release date for the vinyl release of Monte Verità.

With atmospheres inspired by Swiss mountains and French growls that require no understanding of the language to connect with, Monte Verità is brilliant composition that radiates beauty despite the pain it emits. Let Kupka's Meditation (1899) serve as a proper artistic introduction to the wonders that lie within.

Stream Monte Verità in full below and stay tuned for pre-orders HERE.

Frantisek Kupka's "Meditation" (1899)


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