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Decibel Metal & Beer Los Angeles 2021: Numbskull (Ghoul & Ghost Town Brewing)

Oakland's masked maniacs come together with their local brewery for an Imperial Red IPA.

Words by Luis (@luis.hoa):

If you've followed us long enough, you'll have heard us rant about the significance of cover art time and time again. That's still the case, only today, we're switching it up a bit and turning towards a delicacy.

On December 10 & 11, Decibel Magazine will bring their annual Metal & Beer Fest to Los Angeles once more. All in attendance will have their chance at new and exclusive collaborative beer and of course, fantastic performances by the likes of Converge, Cave In, Gatecreeper, Sacred Reich, Crypt Sermon, and today's subject, Ghoul, who have partnered with Ghost Town Brewing for Numbskull. This Imperial Red IPA comes illustrated by Digestor and promises great taste, taste that'll be pouring throughout the festivities. Oakland's thrashers are no strangers to gruesome visuals as they've partnered with Heavy Hand Illustration, Bill Hauser, Greg Oakes, and more for blood-curling cover illustrations in the past. It was only right that their collaborative beer reflect the same and Digestor's vibrant green depiction of their mutated freak is sure to bring many towards the Ghost Town Brewing table.

decibel magazine
Can Artwork by Digestor

Ghoul comment on the collaboration:

"The Numbskull, pictured on the can and lovingly rendered by Digestor, is a mutated freak who does our bidding when he's not puking in a gutter somewhere. If we don't keep his brainpan topped off with high test red ale he's completely useless. Now that I think of it when we do keep him topped off it's only a slight improvement."


Decibel's Metal & Beer Fest takes place this December 10 & 11 at The Belasco in Los Angeles. Tickets, daily lineups, and more information can be found HERE. See you there!


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