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PERTURBATOR announces new album 'Lustful Sacraments' + shares lead single

Kent crafts another handsome outing of electronically charged darkness.

Photograph by David Fitt

Whether it be Ariel Zucker-Brull's vibrant Dangerous Days (2014) or Long Pham's New Model (2017), James "PERTURBATOR" Kent has never shied away from an enticing visual approach. With today's announcement of Lustful Sacraments, he welcomes Matthias Leonard into the fold, who illustrates a ceremonial or group dance taking place within the detailed architecture of a dark building. To ease listeners into the dark world of Lustful Sacraments, which arrives on May 28th via Blood Records, Death of the Soul arrives today with a Mestastazis-produced music video that brings the old school EBM influence to life.

Kent comments on the track and the album:

“The track takes inspiration from old school EBM a la DAF or Front 242, Valnoir (Metastazis) has managed to perfectly pair visuals that reflect the nihilistic tone of it.”

“It’s an album about bad habits, dissatisfaction and addiction. An overall look at how we, as a species, lean towards self-destruction.”

Experience Death of the Soul below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.

Cover art by Mathias Leonard


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