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PERTURBATOR harnesses Film Noir for a haunting new "God Says" video

A soothing visual companion by Metastazis to an already cinematic track.

While some may argue that the art of the music video left its 90s and early 2000s glory days, it's quite the contrary with our subject matter here. Perturbator have partnered with the artistic powerhouse that is Mestastazis to bring God Says to life, a moving effort that stems from the musician's standout 2021 album, Lustful Sacraments. God Says, which features the likes of doom metal's Hangman's Chair, is a grand experience evocative to listeners keen for an ethereal sitting and Metastazis' Film Noir-meets-Blade Runner touch completes it well. Let James Kent's eclectic songcraft grip you entirely as you gander at the black and white scenery that transpires with each passing second.

Hangman’s Chair comments:

“Our first meeting with James was back in 2017 at the Sainte Marthe during the recording of sessions of Banlieue Trist and our collaboration on our song ‘Tired Eyes.’ We immediately felt a comraderie, and the connection between us continued to grow in the years that followed. When he asked us to participate on ‘God Says,” it was an honor to return the favor.”

Metastazis (Jean-Emmanuel Valnoir Simoulin) adds:

“Directing this video has been quite a ride. A six-month long ride, day and night, with 38,257 frames rendered and a lot of challenges, but definitely by far my most memorable experience in terms of video directing. I wanted to depict a journey in a monochrome, neo-gothic, over-identified Metropolis dipped in a wet and never-ending night, illuminated by thousands of flickering, bleak, neon-lights, highlighting vice and decadence. It is a collision between Fitz Lang, Orson Welles, “Blade Runner,” old Batman, Dick Tracy and even Roger Rabbit."

Stream God Says below and order your copy of Lustful Sacraments HERE:

Cover Artwork by Mathias Leonard


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