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POLARIS share Mad Max-inspired video for 'Vagabond'

Embracing the art form of music videos and excelling with a truly ambitious undertaking.


Following on the success of the ARIA-nominated The Death Of Me (2020), Australias's POLARIS share their grandiose new music video for Vagabond, one of the record's standout offerings. Filmed entirely outdoors in both the intense heat of the dunes and a lush forest, the Vagabond takes noticeable inspiration from cult classic film series like 'Mad Max' and 'Star Wars' and expands upon it with an immaculate use of atmosphere. In a time where streaming is the dominant form of media consumption, POLARIS look back to yesteryear and embrace the significance of music videos as an overall component of album messaging.

Bassist/vocalist Jake Steinhauser comments:

"This video has been a long time in the making, and is probably the most ambitious visual project we've ever worked on. When we first considered doing a video for 'Vagabond,' we knew that the vibrant sunny attitude of the song's chorus was something we wanted to reflect in the visuals — something a lot brighter than what we'd normally go for."

He adds:

"The name of the song and the sound of the intro guitar motif had always inspired desert imagery for us, so we began the concept focusing more on the visual ideas we wanted to accomplish, with the narrative then forming naturally around those images and elements of the song's lyrics. With the initial idea for the video having been conceived in early 2020, there was also a desire to show off the beautiful Australian landscape we're lucky enough to call our backyard — a landscape that had recently been ravaged by a very long and intense bushfire season.

"Over the months that followed, a series of lockdowns, interstate travel restrictions, and wild weather conditions all created complications for us. But between us and our friends, Kez Ellis-Jones and Chris Elder, who worked on the video with us, we adapted and kept pushing ahead, because we were all determined to see it brought to life. We had a lot of fun getting heavily into the concept with the outfits we put together to create our own little post-apocalyptic cinematic world."

Experience Vagabond below and order your copy of The Death Of Me HERE.

Cover photograph by Daniel Anderson


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