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PORTRAIT announce new album 'At One With One' + share lead single

Continuing their heavy metal legacy with a hard-hitting riff fest.

Photograph by Stefan Johansson

Sweden's rich metal history is renowned in many ways for it continues to inspire and leave behind a goldmine of offerings, shaping the genre's upcoming years. From one subgenre to the next, there's truly no shortage of elite Swedish bands to pick from and PORTRAIT stand tall among the heavy metal ranks. On September 3rd, the band will mark their 15 years in existence with At One With One, the electrifying follow-up to 2017's Burn The World. With another brilliant cover by Adam Burke, At One With One strays from the horde and comes guns blazing to deliver what makes heavy metal so grand: soaring vocal hooks, electrifying solos, and razor sharp riffs. Lead single Phantom Fathomer provides just that.

PORTRAIT's Per Lengstedt comments:

"One simple 'rule' that I have had personally is that no song written for this album and onwards should be similar to any song that we have already written and released. We have been doing this for 15 years now, and I am proud to say that I think we have managed to find our own identity and sound, which can't really be said about that many bands today. This is our greatest achievement, and the goal is to keep exploring and developing our own sound, without repeating ourselves."

Stream Phantom Fathomer below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.

adam burke
Cover art by Adam Burke


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