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Post-black metal unit WHITE WARD merge jazz and malevolence on "Love Exchange Failure"

Hailing from their forthcoming new record.

Photography by Luke Pownall

When IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT released Vile Luxury (2018), the underground stood in awe as the New York-based band merged jazz and black metal for one ambitious composition that achieved dissonant serenity. This is not an easy feat by any means, however when done correctly, the results are immaculate. Ukraine's post-black metal unit WHITE WARD can testify to said statement with their recently released single Love Exchange Failure, which merges the two opposite extremes for one turbulent ride. The single hails from their forthcoming full-length of the same name, out on September 20 via Debemur Morti Productions.

Love Exchange Failure welcomes listeners with a jazz interlude comprised of beautiful piano and neo-noir saxophone, later to be counteracted by the raw intensity of metal's most malevolent subgenre. WHITE WARD harness the eloquence of composers such as Angelo Badalamenti and their contemporary black metal counterparts for a truly dynamic and thrilling ride through life's bleak reality.

WHITE WARD comment on the release:

"The idea behind this album is to illustrate the artificial conditions people created to contradistinguish themselves to nature. Being neither a separate phenomenon nor a sustainable part of the surrounding environment, we've pushed ourselves to a constant struggle caused by the inability to understand who we are and what our place on this planet is. Conditions we create lead to a continually rising level of fear in the minds of individuals and at the same time - the lack of love. Under the term 'love' we mean not a feeling in its primitive understanding but a feature that helps us to live in harmony with ourselves, other people, and the world around. The love exchange failure leads to an inevitable degradation and degeneration. The more hatred we push towards people around us, the deeper we fall. The blinder we are on our daily way to work, the more sufferings we leave behind. People don't have time to talk to each other. Furthermore, obsessed by desires, they don't even pay enough attention to their children, rising each new generation more exposed to mental problems. Blindness, indifference, and domestic abuse, bullying in schools, social rejection, and many other factors lead to many tragedies of mankind. Caused by individuals, they are our own crimes."

Stream the lead single and title track Love Exchange Failure below and pre-order your copy of the record now, whether in North America or Europe.


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