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PROSCRIPTION announce new album 'Conduit'

A Dave Otero-produced, blackened death metal outing from the Finnish depths.

Cover art by Samuel Aray

Metal continues to arrive week after week, not all of which can be considered noteworthy. One thing is for certain, a record coming from the always consistent Dark Descent Records is a record worth diving into and PROSCRIPTION's Conduit is no exception.

Arriving on September 24th via the Colorado-based label, Conduit finds Terry ‘Christbutcher’ Clark crafting a debut of towering capabilities. The band's take on blackened death metal is northing short of malicious, merging pristine melodies with hellish gutturals that come complemented by elite riffing. Take lead single Voiceless Calling for a spin and bask in this benchmark of a debut outing.

Stream Voiceless Calling below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.



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