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PSYCROPTIC announce new album 'Divine Council' + share lead single

The Australian unit continue to deliver tech death greatness with artwork to adore.

Photograph by Michael Rankine

Despite the ease of settling in after two decades of a career, Psycroptic continue to raise the bar and this week, the band announced their latest endeavor, Divine Council. The follow-up to 2018's As The Kingdom Drowns arrives on August 5th via Prosthetic Records and lead single, Rend Asunder, commences the release cycle in prime form. This is a band continue to excel on the technicality and heart that comes invested into every release. A cover illustration that grand by Eliran Kantor must surely mean that what lies within is astounding and Psycroptic do not disappoint.

The band comment:

"'Rend Asunder' is a little bit of a different style of track for us - stripped back and streamlined, but it still has the Psycroptic sound. It's straight to the point - fast, catchy and hard hitting from the outset. We think people will dig it from the first listen. We can't wait to play it live, it will definitely be in the set for our upcoming tours."

Stream Rend Asunder below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.

Cover Artwork by Eliran Kantor


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