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Purest Form announce debut 'self-titled' EP + share lead single

A collision of sound set to push forth the trio's creative ambitions.

purest form.
Photograph by Kris Kirk

Purest Form, who feature guitarist and programmer Madison Woodward (Fury, Object of Affection), bassist Riley Joyner (Roman Candles, Pocketknife), and vocalist Story Beeson (Choking on Ash), now have their eyes set for March 7th as the release date for their debut, self-titled EP. Formed in 2023, the LA trio are fueled by a commanding desire to build a distinct blend of industrial flare bridged from their influences in electronic music and heavy metal. As such, their first audio sample, Broke, comes brimming with an instrumental energy that reflects the lyrical anguish pulsing through its runtime.

Beeson comments on the track:

"It's about the fear of artificial intelligence and the possibilities it could hold for further separating us from ourselves and from each other in society. I've been afraid of AI for years. There's a dystopian idea that your authentic self could be replaced by something artificial. Technology could take us away from our true selves. That's the root of industrial music to me."

Stream Broke below.

purest form.
Cover Artwork by Adam Schwartz


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