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PURGATORY announce new album 'Lawless To Grave' + share new single

Taking a stand against injustice with a groove laden hardcore assault.

Cover art by Brandon Watkins

Now entering a decade into their existence, PURGATORY ready the arrival of their new sophomore full-length, Lawless To Grave. Arriving on April 9th via Unbeaten Records, Lawless To Grave shapes up to be a barn burner meant for the live stage, bursting forth with cataclysmic breakdowns and sheer intensity. When themes of betrayal, systematic oppression, and abuse carry an album's lyrical approach, you can expect the tracks to carry a different kind of weight and PURGATORY have bridged this with all around explosiveness. One could say that the Brandon Watkins album cover did right by the forces present here.

Stream No One Gets Out Alive below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.



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