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Raging Reflection: JARHEAD FERTILIZER - Product Of My Environment Review

The grindcore unit uplift and tear down with their ferocious debut outing.

Words by Heaviest of Art:


Hailing from Ocean City, Maryland, JARHEAD FERTILIZER have come forth to lead this week's flooded release schedule with a top tier grindcore display, that being Product Of My Environment. The band's debut full-length arrives this Friday, February 26th via Closed Casket Activities.

Kicking things off with a brief yet disorienting instrumental intro, JARHEAD offer a fair warning to what awaits. As it fades away, the title track ensues and all hell is about to break loose as this death metal-esque track kicks things into high gear. It's here that we see JARHEAD's attention to detail, the focus on alternating tempos and seamless transition between sonic elements. Trials and Tribulations continues the heat and offers a riff fest that pairs well with the hellish gutturals. Blast beats erupt in spurts and the drums level out, keeping listeners on edge at all times. Paranoia Sleeping explodes with more earth shattering blasts and proves to be meant for the live stage, which is sure to erupt once that becomes a possibility once more. Baptized By Fire bursts with chugging breakdowns that hit peak energy levels, making one want to smash whatever is at their sight. There's no shortage of diverse song structures with each passing track, again showcasing the varied influences and musical prowess that lies within the band's ranks. With only a couple tracks passing the 2-minute mark in true grindcore fashion, the quartet pack a punch while keeping it short and sweet.

While this listening experience can be characterized as a consistent beast, Agony Churning is the sigh of relief you might have waited for. It counteracts with a much tamer approach at the subject matter, one that utilizes industrial and noise-laden instrumentals while distorted spoken word carries on.

Product Of My Environment isn't just intense for the sake of being intense. The nature of it all is rooted in a message of realization that comes forth through a pairing of honest lyricism and unbridled aggression. It offers very little breathing room, and rightfully so, as it kicks and batters down with intention. This being their debut, JARHEAD FERTILIZER set the standard high for the future to come, a future that will surely match the grit of Product Of My Environment. With a bleak overhead view of a town disparaged by unjust conditions, JARHEAD FERTILIZER have made their stand.


Product Of My Environment arrives February 26th via Closed Casket Activities (ORDER).


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