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RED ROT announce debut album 'Mal de Vivre' + share new single

Psychedelic death metal that shocks and astounds with immersive audiovisuals.

On August 29th, Italy's Red Rot will release their debut album, Mal de Vivre, via the always consistent Svart Records. Formed from the minds of Luciano Lorusso George and Davide Tiso, Red Rot explore a boundless approach to death metal, bridging a wide range of soundscapes with raw aggression for one multi-faceted listen that harkens back to the genre's yesteryears as they explore themes of mental illness, psychological deviance, rage, gloom and paranoia. It's only right that the cover illustration match that and Niklas Sundin excelled at developing one unconventional piece warranting a deeper look. The band's second single, Dysmorphia, is an ideal starting point.

Red Rot comment on the new single:

“Dysmorphia is a song about losing touch with reality and one’s appearance: it felt natural to make a video of a man trapped into his own mind. “Body Dysmorphic Disorder” is a condition that brings an individual to experience episodes where self image is regularly altered because of trauma. The character in the video is getting ready to leave a motel room, the whole ninety seconds of the songs is pretty much a PTSD flashback of what happened the night before, a complete splitting frenzy that eventually implodes once in front of the mirror.

When I started talking with director Leonardo Candidi and actor Satya Schulberg about the project we started with Apocalypse Now and the Martin Sheen breakdown scene. The symbolism of covering one's eyes with one's hands is pictured as an attempt to hide from reality and masks one’s appearance. This is both a child like motion and an ancestral symbol of communication that we thought would embody the inner chaos and quasi break down of the story, and it’s included in a way that people would understand without even realizing it.

Musically Dysmorphia summarizes what Red Rot is about: a clash of oblique riffing and pummeling force delivered with urgency and abrasiveness.”

Experience Dysmorphia below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.

red rot
Cover Artwork Niklas Sundin


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