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REJOICE! THE LIGHT HAS COME welcome all to a turbulent black metal abyss on their 'Untitled EP'

A complex yet rewarding listen that unfolds with every passing minute.

Cover art by Rodrigo Salvatierra

Beneath the haunting Salvatierra painting placed before you is a musical entity just as startling. Priding itself in its lack of conventionality, the new Untitled EP by REJOICE! THE LIGHT HAS COME strays from comfort and delivers quite the exquisite avant-garde black metal listening experience. The depth throughout the 3-track outing is staggering for it remains unbound by genre norms, offering new twists with each listen. It's far from an easy listen, but those who absorb the material for what it is will find themselves coming back time and time again.

Stream the EP in full below and bare witness to the extremity.

Logo by Christophe Szpajdel


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