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Relapse Records launches 2018 Label Sampler

A collection of Relapse's best.

death metal, relapse records, sludge metal, doom metal, heavy metal, synth, grindcore, yob, pig destroyer

2018 was by far one of the best years for heavy music and this RELAPSE RECORDS sampler just cements that statement. The iconic record label has just compiled some of their best dark and heavy music of this year on their annual 2018 Sampler for all to enjoy.

With genres ranging from death metal, black metal, doom, sludge, and grindcore to hard rock, electronic, synth, industrial, darkwave, experimental, and more, the sampler features over 30 tracks from notable legends YOB, PIG DESTROYER and OBSCURA to sonic innovators MYRKUR, NOTHING, WINDHAND and AUTHOR & PUNISHER to up-and-coming extreme acts OUTER HEAVEN, GENOCIDE PACT and DEVIL MASTER & new Relapse signees FULL OF HELL, MONOLORD, & CHERUBS.

With that said, congratulations to RELAPSE RECORDS on an incredible 2018! Here's the tracklist for their year-end sampler:

YOB - Original Face

Windhand - Diablerie

Myrkur - Juniper

Author & Punisher - Nihil Strength

Nothing - You Wind Me Up

Pig Destroyer - The Torture Fields

Devil Master - Obscene Charade

Obscura - Diluvium

Gruesome - A Waste of Life

Outer Heaven - Bloodspire

Gatecreeper - War Has Begun

Mammoth Grinder - Superior Firepower

Genocide Pact - Conquered and Disposed

Skinless - Savagery

ASG - Survive Sunrise

Black Salvation - In a Casket’s Ride

Zeke - Two Lane Blacktop

S U R V I V E - Floating Cube (RR7400 : LA041717)

Miracle - Light Mind

Integrity - Scorched Earth

Iron Reagan - Take the Fall

ILSA - Hikkomori

Wrong - Culminate

Primitive Man - Naked

Unearthly Trance - Mechanism Error

Trappist - Victims of a Bomber Raid

Cripple Bastards - Crimine contro l'immagine

Satan’s Satyrs - Succubus

Krieg - Circle of Guilt

Full of Hell - Latched And Snared

Monolord - Rust

Cherubs - Donkey Suite

Psywarfare - Au Regal Des Voraces

Stream and download the compilation for FREE over at Bandcamp and pick up one of these killer new shirts from Relapse Records to wear while you headbang your way into the new year. Cheers to a great 2019!

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