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Coming At Your Neck: REVULSION - 'self titled' Review

The latest chapter in Finnish death metal.

Words by Rohan (@manvsplaylist):


In just the same way that Finnish death metal needs absolutely no introduction, REVULSION’s brand new self-titled album, their first full length, requires no more than two seconds for the band to establish their rightful place amongst their peers in a home-grown scene of impeccable, dark pedigree.

Coming blasting straight out of the gates of hades is the opener Last Echoes of Life, perfectly setting the tone of intensity, groove, and riff worship. The gut punch is real, with the sudden impact lasting the entire duration of the 10 cuts that span this dynamic, blistering record.

While this may be the group’s first full-length, they have been around since 2005 with only a 2010 demo and 2011 EP to show as their body of output. Such longevity has clearly resulted in a band that have taken the time to hone their craft and harness their creativity, as this debut album demonstrates remarkable poise, balance and variety. The constant shift of riff style, beat pattern and song structure keeps the ear constantly intrigued for what’s coming next; but more importantly – it keeps the neck nodding in full metal approval for the entire 46 minute run-time.

Digging further into the album, standouts Pyre demonstrates a willingness to keep things raging at full speed in the vein of luminaries Dying Fetus and Nile, and while Walls and Mustaa Hiilta both provide a let-up in pace and offer a darker, more dirgey mood while still keeping the menace and power at peak levels. Closing out the album is the final of three tracks penned in their native Finnish tongue, titled Viimeinen Rituaali, it lurches and lopes in a style that is a fitting contrast to the approach taken leading up to this point. It closes out the album with a dizzying, memorable arch.

The album’s sound is well balanced, with dirty chugging guitar tones, well-textured punctuating low-end bass and precise, driving stick work. Vocalist Aleksi Huhta shows off an impressive range, hitting an elusive balance of gravelly but yet lyrically discernible deep gutterals, while also being able to broaden his screaming register without losing an ounce of power or emotion.

In a landscape full of dizzyingly technical modern death metal, REVULSION brings a form of straight-forward, bare bones, no nonsense approach to their sound, and have crafted an album full of devious grooves, heightened intensity and savvy riffs that will keep you coming back for more. An excellent straight-to-the-vein dose of commanding death metal.


Revulsion arrives on February 5th via Transcending Obscurity Records. Get yours HERE.

Cover art by Kuba Sokolski (Thou)


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