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REZN announce new album 'Burden' + share lead single

Celebrating their signing to Sargent House through a towering introduction to their next chapter.

rezn, rezn new album, adam burke.
Photograph by Alexa Viscius

On June 14th, Chicago's REZN will release their new album Burden via Sargent House, continuing the grand narrative delivered through 2023's Solace. More than a straightforward doom metal record, Burden is expansive in its maelstrom of sound, layering prog, shoegaze, and psych rock elements within its massive scope that ever so apparent from the moment it hits the speakers. Lead single Chasm, which features an exquisite guitar solo Russian Circle’s own Mike Sullivan, is a strong introduction to the crushing atmospheres embodied within.

Frontman Rob McWilliams comments on the track:

“We wrote ‘Chasm’ to depict the final phase of an existential descent, when you're on the last few steps of the spiral staircase and realize there's no going back. We wanted it to sound like walls closing in on all sides and you're looking at the exit getting further and further away. Mike’s melodic finger-tapping style blurs the section into a kind of dizzying, infernal panic attack. In the final moment of the song you're faced with the repetitive churning of a molten, fuzzed-out wall of sound that builds until the audio itself starts to singe and catch fire, then abruptly self destructs."

Stream Chasm below and pre-order the record via Sargent House.

rezn, rezn new album, adam burke.
Cover Artwork by Adam Burke


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